Sundays Spent in the Office

I've found myself intentionally working a lot of Sundays these days. 

It's not necessarily because I'm behind on work or have no life. I just really love working on a Sunday, and going into the office to do so. I work in a beautiful co-working space, and on a weekday the place is buzzing with entrepreneurs and start-ups hustling through the day. It’s an energy I love and am thriving off of. It’s also allowed me to make a lot of new connections, including a client or two.

WeWork Richmond St.JPG

But it can also be tricky. The good corners to curl-up and work in can be nabbed early on in the day, or the noise of meetings and collaborations can be distracting. Plus, as a hot desker, I don’t have my own office to relax and spread out in. Sometimes, my creativity takes up a lot of space. I also tend to talk to myself when working, a bad habit my coworkers at Futurpreneur learned very quickly.

WeWork Richmond Toronto
WeWork Richmond Toronto

So I’ve begun to come into the office on Sundays to get some work done. I usually come in a little later (this girl still has to sleep in on a Sunday!), with a cup of coffee in hand and my comfy clothes on. And I tend to work on the exciting, creative projects I have on my desk - because boo business finances on a Sunday!

I’m sure one day this will stop as the business begins to steady out and my life changes (because hello, I’d like a family one day). But it really works for me in the now. Plus, if I get in a little late on a weekday I feel less guilty. And it allows me to start my work week having completed some really cool or really inspiring tasks, like blogging or event planning.

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Sure, some entrepreneurs rest and relax on their Sundays, but I’m digging my creative work day. How do you spend your Sundays?