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toronto studio home tour

I get a lot of questions about my apartment. Mainly, how is it I manage to live comfortably in 239 square feet? Where a lot of people imagine me living life like Harry Potter, I'm actually really pleased with my tiny studio apartment. To show just how lovely it can be, I have finally photographed it in all it's glory - every square foot (almost, no one wants to see a toilet right?). 

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unreserved holiday

First holiday in my new home, and I have none of my holiday decor here with me. Overall, this holiday season is beyond weird and out of the ordinary, but I had to do something to make my space feel festive. So this weekend I grabbed a couple girlfriends, style inspiration a la Style at Home, and a couple bottles of Unreserved Wine for a mini-wrapping-and-decorating session to mark the season! 

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joyful with minted

In 24 years I hadn't missed a dinner - this includes a Christmas I had pneumonia and I should have missed the dinner. But with 4,365 KM between us, it's just not feasible to go home this year, and I know that's got to be tough on my loved ones back in BC. So I knew I had to do something special to let them all know how much they mean to me. 

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