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believe in magic

I believe in magic. I really truly do.

For one, it’s fun to believe in magic. To be open to the unknown. It brings a sense of excitement in your day-to-day life because believing in magic means you are open to witnessing incredible experiences at any moment.

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Megan te Boekhorstgoals
how i became a goal coach

It was the start of my third year at Simon Fraser University. At this point, I had found my groove in school, enjoyed what I was learning and saw myself heading towards a career in the non-profit world. Ideally examining issues of poverty and homelessness, because I wanted to make a difference in the world and thought NPO's were the only way.

I was young, don't blame me.

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let's explore one of the big fears behind goals

I mentioned in a previous post that there are times where I have to force my clients to write their goals down. They are hesitant to put in ink what they truly want in life. It's a real blocker for so many of the amazing people I am blessed to work with. And I became really curious about this. I always thought writing my goals down was exciting! It feels like I am taking the first step towards getting where I want to be. Reading them over made my inner fire burn even brighter. So why do so many of my clients have trouble with this?

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have a 'goal' morning

I am not a morning person. First off, beds are comfortable. You're all warm and snuggle-y and the thought of willingly leaving that situation is not okay in my books. Secondly, my brain is not at full functional capacity until two things have happened: 1) coffee is in my system and 2) the hour of the morning has hit the double digits. As a person who likes to think, be expressive and get shit done, a non-working brain just peeves me off. So besides social obligations such as work or brunch dates, there is no getting me to move from the cocoon of my sheets. Oh, except for this one other thing...

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lets get your goals on track

The New Year is almost here and we know that means its time for resolutions and such. This year, I want to help you reach that vision of your 2015 life by setting goals, not resolutions, and designing a life you love. Let's make a plan on how you can be your authentic self, together, and ensure that 2015 is rocking.

This is how your plans will stick.

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