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how to create days lived with intention: download the new sequoia life dayplanner

I talk about living with intention a lot. All the time. Almost an obsessive amount. It's not a new concept or an exotic idea I've introduced, but it is the fundamental principle that shows up in my day-to-day that keeps me sane. Well, sane-ish. Or sane-adjacent. 

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six reads to ignite a little self-love

The reality of this world is that no one can take care of you, but you. And yet, more often than not, we neglect our self-love in the service of others. Whether we feel selfish for focusing on the 'me', or it's easier to focus on other realities, self care can be easy to let slide. 

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creative, messy mindfulness

Staying in this past weekend was bliss, but I was intentional with the time I gifted myself. The cold snap Toronto faced provided me space to be mindful, and to express my creativity while doing so. Over the space of 54 hours, I painted, texturized, glued and drew two pieces of mixed media art I'm actually really proud of. 

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hauntingly beautiful photos of the abandoned lever brothers factory

I have long admired the creepy, abandoned buildings of the world. Derelict spaces are often thought of an eyesore, which is why I love to find the beauty in them. So when I saw an invitation from thisopenspace (you may remember them from The Mindful Pop-Up!) to explore the Lever Brothers Factory for an afternoon, I couldn't pass.

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bring goals into your relationship - a guest post from jess may

Sitting down to set goals as a couple isnt sexy - but it works.

When youve got your own individual goals for your career, your health, your fitness and anything else to better yourself, its way too easy to leave your partner to do their own thing as well. Sure, we check in and ask them how theyre doing on their tasks, but what about the teamwork that comes with being in a partnership? Where has that gone?

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