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10 Really Simple Ways to Support Your Entrepreneur Friends

To all of those whose friends are bravely pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, on behalf of us all, please support the work they do. It doesn’t take a lot, and you don’t even have to spend money to do it. In fact, here are some really easy ways that take little effort on your end but mean so much to your friends.

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the scariest thing i've experienced living with depression

It's been a long time since I had to be honest with myself and admit I was living with depression. I first told someone what I was experiencing sometime in 2010, though not in the exact right words. I think I found those words as 2011 turned into 2012. By September 2013, I asked my doctor about anti-depressants after trying to manage without them all that time. 

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25 things to nail down before turning 25

When I was 12, I was felt so certain of what life at 25 would be like. I knew what job I'd want (teacher), the house I'd live in (a big white one), the man I'd marry (Prince Charming), and the lifestyle I'd live (luxurious). I'd be traveling the world, with money in the bank, and my shit would be considered to be together. 

Yeah, none of that ended up coming true. 

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