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six reads to ignite a little self-love

The reality of this world is that no one can take care of you, but you. And yet, more often than not, we neglect our self-love in the service of others. Whether we feel selfish for focusing on the 'me', or it's easier to focus on other realities, self care can be easy to let slide. 

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creative, messy mindfulness

Staying in this past weekend was bliss, but I was intentional with the time I gifted myself. The cold snap Toronto faced provided me space to be mindful, and to express my creativity while doing so. Over the space of 54 hours, I painted, texturized, glued and drew two pieces of mixed media art I'm actually really proud of. 

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six realities of dating when you're an entrepreneur

Dating and building your business is not always easy. Your time is precious and a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders. It’s up to you to pay the bills, pay your staff and keep the business growing. This often leaves room for little else. But it’s important to find balance as an entrepreneur, and that includes nurturing the personal relationships in your life.

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