The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Mental Health and Entrepreneurship Panel

To officially launch The Boldly Vulnerable Series, and in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I hosted a panel conversation diving deep into the topic of mental health and entrepreneurship. We explored why entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to experiencing mental illness, how we can better support our personal and community mental health, as well as providing tips for managing your business while experiencing a mental health setback.

Panelists included Nitasha Goel, Nesh Pillay, and Steven Cope.

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Nitasha Goel is the founder of The Cure Apothecary - a natural and organic head-to-toe skincare boutique for him and her. Nitasha wanted to introduce new ingredients to the market with brands from New Zealand to Sweden, to the US and right here in Canada, as well as create a space that is truly natural and organic, from its fixtures to its product offering.⠀

Nesh Pillay is the founder of Press Pillay - a socially-conscious digital marketing agency based in Toronto. Press Pillay offers an array of services for growing lifestyle tech brands. She is committed to becoming the Robin Hood of Marketing by taking from the rich and giving to the poor - or in her case, redistributing 10% of the agency’s income toward making the world a better place.⠀

The final panelist was Steven Cope, a Business Advisor with Rise Asset Development, a not-for-profit organization that provides micro-financing, business development programs, and mentorship to entrepreneurs living with mental health and addiction challenges. Since 2015, Steve has supported entrepreneurs in launching and growing their business across various sectors, and has assisted them in securing financing from Rise.

For those who missed the event, we recorded the entire event as the first episode of The Boldly Vulnerable Series! Take a listen below and share your favourite parts with me in the comments.

The next episode of The Boldly Vulnerable Series drops November 22.

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