The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Sheena Brady, Tease Tea

I am so excited to share this episode with you all. Sheena is an incredible entrepreneur with a huge heart. She launched her business about five years ago and has done amazing things with the brand ever since. Tease Tea empowers women one cup at a time.


This is done first through the tea itself. They design their blends to satisfy personal desires, for the small wins, goals, milestone achievements, and celebrations, they have you covered. Then, they work to empower women through their Chari’tea Program. And insiders tell me Tease Tea is working on another incredible way of supporting women in the near future.

How do I have the inside track? Sheena just happens to be a client and friend of mine. In fact, Sheena was my first ‘official’ client when I launched Sequoia Content Studio. So I ensured she was also one of my first guests for the podcast.

You can also choose your preference: watch or listen! I highly recommend you enjoy this episode with a cup of Tease too, of course.