The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Sophia Ruffolo, Femmebought

The Boldly Vulnerable Series is back! And this is a long overdue episode. I sat down with this month’s guest in early December!! I know, bad on me for being slow to the edit. But trust me, it was worth the wait.

For Episode 03, I chatted with the founder and CEO of Femmebought, Sophia Ruffolo. I have been following Femmebought’s growth for some time now and am in love with what Sophia is doing both locally and globally. And it doesn’t hurt that Sophia might just be In A Sequoia’s number one fan - seriously.

Take a listen to the full episode below or on iTunes. Be sure to hit that subscribe button if you like what you hear. Also if you’re in the Toronto area you don’t want to miss the next ‘Girls Just Want To Have Funding’ event featuring Stephania Stefanakou of House of Anesi. And if you’re not in the Toronto area, virtual tickets are available!

Femmebought on Podcast.png