the first vibrant lives foundation award has finally been awarded

Oh, Vibrant Lives. Where do I begin?

For those who don't know, or are newer to In A Sequoia, The Vibrant Lives Foundation is my non-profit organization that looks to engage youth to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, and ultimately mental health in general. If Public Relations freelancing is my career passion, and In A Sequoia is my creative heartbeat, then Vibrant Lives is the blood that courses through my veins. It's something I could never let go and a calling I need to fulfill while on this Earth. 

But when it comes to striving for balance, Vibrant Lives often gets put on the back-burner. There's so much potential there, and there are so many plans I have, but they all take financing. And to get the financing I need, I need to put in more time. Time I just don't have. 

That being said, this is a cause for (delayed) celebration. One of the first initiatives of Vibrant Lives was to award a 2016 graduate a scholarship, and I am so happy to say that happened just last June. 

In order to be eligible, applicants had to submit a creative writing piece on the topic of mental health. Upon first reading everyone's submission, I was so overwhelmed. Everyone put so much of themselves into their pieces, how was I (and my team) supposed to pick? But after the initial energy subsided, and we reread everyone's submissions and the winner was clear. 

Kennedy is an incredible young woman who graduated from Chilliwack Senior Secondary this year (hey, that's my alma mater!). Her poem was so well written, I was surprised to learn her focus area was actually the sciences and she planned on becoming a doctor. I will share her poem one day, but it was so excellent that I am trying to have it published with a more formal outlet. 

Congratulations to Kennedy, and to all graduates this year! To learn more about Vibrant Lives and our initiative, it's probably best to just email me or leave a comment below. Let's be honest, the website it a little outdated!