the latest hustle

As part of living #thesequoialife fully this year, I'm putting more strategic efforts into my side hustles. At any given time, I have three to five hustles on the go, ranging in size and effort. Am I an addict? Yes. Do I mind? No. Side hustles are fun! 

My latest side hustle is the Pop-up Photo Studio! Offering Torontonian's 30 minutes in front of the camera at different locations around the city, it's the perfect activity for those needing a new LinkedIn photo, wanting to have some random fun with a friend, or social media mavens who are missing an Instagram husband. Within 24 hours, participants receive five edited photos free to use how they'd like. 

With this hustle, I'm testing as I go to see how much interest there might be in the concept and how viable of a business model it might be. As I learn, I'll develop and tweak my business plan and cashflow to make sure this side hustle rocks it every time. 

I'm offering my first pop-up this Saturday - just in time for Valentine's Day - at the historic Distillery District while the Toronto Light Festival is happening. When I sold my first spot, I was pretty jazzed. There's no better feeling than someone buying into your business idea. So now it's full steam ahead and I can't wait! 

If you're in Toronto and want to take part, there's currently a contest happening for a free slot on Saturday. Check out the details and enter now!

Want to guarentee a spot? Book your time below! Can't make this pop-up? Sign up for the mailing list to hear where and when I plan to pop-up next.