the mission: find closet simplicity

I have 135 articles of clothing. 

One-hundred thirty-five. This doesn't include: workout gear, pyjamas, my BC Lions pride, or my underwear. It also doesn't include two bags of clothes I have put to the side with the intention of donating them to the Salvation Army. These are just every-day, general articles of clothing. 

No one needs 135 articles of clothing. And I never intended to reach 135 articles of clothing. So how did I get here?

First: I have low impulse control in the world of fast fashion. If it fits and it seems to be a decent price, I often find myself buying it. Second: I hold on to clothes that become too small for me in the hopes I will fit into them again one day. 

And what have I experienced while owning 135 articles of clothing? 

Feeling like I never have anything to wear. Owning clothes I don't really like that much. Wearing clothing with such poor quality, they fall apart on me within a couple of wears. Knowing that almost each item I own has hurt the globe in one way or another. 

sorting my clothing to live a minimalist style

I want to dramatically change my closet. With the hope of easing my clothing woes, I began to look into the idea of building capsule wardrobes for the seasons. If you've never heard of the concept before, a capsule wardrobe is like a mini-wardrobe made entirely of versatile pieces you completely love to wear. And by mini, I mean 24-38 items total. For three months. 

The first step? Clearing out my closet. I took all 135 items and tossed them on my floor. The pile was overwhelming, but I had reached the point of no return! There was no way I was hanging each item back up again! 

I then went through each item individually and sorted into three piles: keep, donate, or sell. 

I had done this once before (and the clothes I decided to donate are not included in the 135 count), so this second go-around was quite ruthless. In the end, I added another bag to my donations and I have a laundry basket full of clothes that I feel are too good to give away. My plan is to sell them for a low price with all funds going to The Vibrant Lives Foundation for next year's scholarship. They are in a range of sizes and most of the items in the sell basket have only been worn a handful of times, so if you want to check them out let me know in the comments below! 

The next step is working towards my autumn capsule wardrobe (because let's face it, summer will be over before we know it!). My intention is to only purchase quality clothes that are good for the earth. I plan on shopping from ethical locations such as My Modern Closet and Nicole Bridger. I will be highly selective of what I purchase and stick to no more than 35 items per wardrobe. 

This should be interesting. 

I'll blog about my experience along the way, don't you fear! And if you know of any good places for me to shop, please let me know in the comments below!

Source: The Every Girl

Source: The Every Girl