the secret to effortless, transitional fashion

I love an simple yet impactful look. And as someone who prescribes to the capsule wardrobe method of fashion, simple yet impactful pieces are vital. Which is why I immediately reached out to Meghan of Vancouver Fashion Truck when she posted this Instagram look. 

What isn't there to love about this jacket? Extremely comfortable, work appropriate but still casual enough to wear out as well, and goes with essentially any outfit. I've worn it with dresses, cotton tanks like the outfit photographed below, and blouses. It's of exceptional quality and reasonably priced. And it works well for my summer and winter wardrobes. 

I love its reliability. If I'm rushed to get to work or know I just need to look clean and put together that particular day (hello media interviews!), I grab this jacket. If the weather looks unpredictable, I grab this jacket. If I'm feeling happy, I grab this jacket. 

This beauty will be a staple in my wardrobe for a long, long time. A piece like this makes my signature look effortless, and helps me transition between the seasons. And I love supporting a small business like Vancouver Fashion Truck while I'm at it!


Tank: from long ago, but so useful
Jacket: Vancouver Fashion Truck (and hey, she's a Futurpreneur-supported business and a former New West neighbour of mine!)
Pants: Macy's
Mala: Mala Collective
Location: The Toronto Apartment
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D