Megan te Boekhorst, Toronto

Hi. I'm Megan.

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. Never one to take the traditional route, I've lived life on my own terms since 1991. Now I'm heading my own agency, Sequoia Content Studio, and rocking my #ladyboss dreams.

In A Sequoia is an inside look into the life of an entrepreneur. It's for those who own being a bad ass, vulnerable bitch. It's a source of inspiration for creating a life that's unapologetically yours. Live #thesequoialife.


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#thesequoialife in 2018

#thesequoialife in 2018

I feel it in my bones: 2018 is going to be a great year. Part of the reason I know this is true? I am unapologetically focusing on me this year. A holistic me, a balanced me. 

Last year, I dedicated myself to my 9-to-5 career. I dove in headfirst and made my job my priority in life. And I learned a lot in that year, growing both personally and professionally in the process. But certain aspects took a hit because of it. It's time to reclaim those parts of my life. 

The first big life change? I've fallen in love. His name is Jefferson Smudge te Boekhorst, and he is the most adorable kitten I have ever met. Not that I'm biased. I met Smudge on December 27 and was smitten. Unfortunately my poor kitty became ill and had to be in isolation for two weeks before I could take him home. This past weekend, he's officially claimed my entire tiny apartment as his, and I don't remember what it was like without him. 

I can already see how the cat mom life is going to change me. For one, I don't know if I will ever sleep in ever again. Second, it's forcing me to stick to a routine, no matter what. And routine is so good for my mental health. Finally, cat ownership is allowing me to let go of perfectionism. Because even if I tried to clean my apartment perfectly, Smudge would come along behind me and destroy it in a second. 

I also am looking to strategically grow my side hustles this year, and make informed decisions on what to do rather than following my gut. So keep your eyes peeled to see if The Mindful Pop-up comes back around, check out my latest efforts with the Pop-up Photo Studio and be sure to sign up to the mailing list to hear of new side hustles on the horizon (because trust me, something excellent is coming soon). 

Finally, I'm taking space to enjoy simple moments in life. Putting the Netflix away more often and grabbing a book. Enjoying the many benefits of living in West Queen West and walking around the neighbourhood. Listening to music and dancing in my underwear. That fun, living in the moment magic. 

2018 is going to be great. 

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