three reasons thinking entrepreneurially is critical for professionals

Public Relations is a roller coaster of a gig. Don't get me wrong, I love it with a burning passion. But regular schedules are non-existent, and you can't always predict when you'll be buried deep in work. 

It's a high, I find, to be hustling hard with project after project. Let's be clear - this is in no way me complaining. It is, however, an explanation for why I am 'cheating' with today's post. 

I am pushing hard, and so when I'm at home I'm taking some more down-time just for me. In fact, I have two blank birch painting panels waiting for guesso right next to me. Because balance is key. So in order to have the time to guesso, I am instead sharing an article I ghost-wrote for Futurpreneur rather than one of the several posts I am behind on writing. 

Check out 3 Reasons Thinking Entrepreneurially Is Critical For Professionals. Because even if you aren't "starting your own business". entrepreneurial skills are key! 

And because I'm in the mood - a photo of flowers!