top five reasons to find your goal'd

I'm not going to lie to you, today's post is completely self-promotional. But if you're in the Vancouver area, or you have questions about my upcoming workshop Find Your Goal'd, then keep reading!


1. We're all about building community. The workshop is capped to 30 people at the most, so you aren't going to be lost in a swarm of people. Not only does this give me the chance to get to know each and every one of you a little bit, it gives you the chance to get to know each other. You'll be working together to discover more about your authentic selves and what's important to your core. Hopefully, you'll walk away with a few new friends who will be there to support your big, juicy goals too.

2. You're going to get to know yourself a little better. And seeing as though you spend 100% of your time with you, it's pretty important to know you. Connect with what you truly want out of life, what it means to be authentically you and take a deep look at values. Knowing what you value most is the first, and possibly most important, step in working towards that awesome life. I mean, Roy Disney said it best.

3. You're going to walk away with an action plan to get you to your most rad, bliss-filled life. For real, you're going to leave the workshop know what to do in the next year to get closer to your best life. Oh, and the next five years. Heck, the next ten years. A ten year action plan to achieve your most authentic, balanced and blissed life.

4. There are some really amazing things to try out while you're there. The workshop happens at River Market in historic New Westminster. Get there early to eat some of the best meals of your life. From Asian delights, to authentic French crepes and even some good ol' fashion BBQ, River Market will satisfy your taste buds. We'll also be serving up some pretty amazing tea (trust me, I hand picked it) to sip on while we work on your goals. Great Wall Tea Co.'s Organic Waterfront is the perfect blend to get you in the right mood. Finally, I'm giving out hand massages with our very own Karuna, making it the perfect chance to try the much-loved coffee scrub if you haven't before. And who's going to say no to a hand massage? Oh and I almost forgot, River Market just got this sweet, old-school photobooth. I mean, the thing chemically develops the photos like we old folk used to do in the golden days. It might be the most amazing photo-taking experience you'll ever have. Yes, better than the selfie-stick.

5. Finding clarity on our lives is one of the most weight-lifting, cathartic experiences. And that's what this workshop is designed to do. It reminds you how important it is to invest in yourself and what you want. You are worthy of going for bliss. So figure out what bliss looks like for you.

Find Your Goal'd is happening April 11th from 1-3 at River Market. Get your tickets now!