toronto studio home tour

I get a lot of questions about my apartment. Mainly, how is it I manage to live comfortably in 239 square feet? Where a lot of people imagine me living life like Harry Potter, I'm actually really pleased with my tiny studio apartment. To show just how lovely it can be, I have finally photographed it in all it's glory - every square foot (almost, no one wants to see a toilet right?). 

It took me time to set my intention for what I wanted this space to be. Back at the New West apartment, I had a lot of room to play. My bedroom was my bohemian escape, the living room was designed for entertaining, the bathroom to relax and my kitchen was a space of creation. But here, it has worked best to designate one core intention for my home. Though it is the place I come to cook, lay my head and unwind after work, the main intent of the space is a place to create and express. I've made some of my favourite pieces of art to date in this space. I've begun to call it a studio rather than a bachelor apartment. Some wildly creative ideas have come to fruition here. 

Finalizing the intention of making this place a space I come to create in has allowed me to let go of the 'perfectionist' need to make the home seem impeccable in case guests come over. It was near impossible - one thing out of place sticks out like a sore thumb when the home is so tiny. That being said, it takes 15 minutes max to clean up on a bad day. Major 239 square foot win! But I've found fun in the imperfections this intention has allowed. It's weird, but nothing makes me feel more artistic than having paint in my sink - which you'll see in the photos below. 

To me, this home proves it is possible to make something wonderfully homey despite a lack of space. It's still useful and not utilitarian. It is warm and comfortable. It is not a broom closet and I do have to leave my bed to get to the kitchen. I'm officially calling it: my 239 square foot gamble when I was planning my move (in a two-week timeframe remember!) was a success! 

paint in the sink


Living Space
Couch: IKEA Canada Solsta Sofa Bed
Purple Leaf Pillow: Sears Canada
Moon Phases Pillow: White Brix
Blanket: Thrift shopping find
Coffee Table: IKEA Canada
Coffee Table Books: Cabin Porn, Darling Magazine, Artists at Home/Work
Candle: Woodlot
Side Table: IKEA Canada Hemnes Drawers
Heart Art: mine
Jewelry Tray: Urban Outfitters
Magazine: Cereal

Art: Minted

Bedroom Space
Art: mine
Fauna: Crown Flora Studio, Urban Outfitters (air plant holder)
Vitamin C Serum: One Love Organics
Vitamin E Balm: One Love Organics
Moisture Bar: Lush Cosmetics
Face spray: Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water

Shelving Unit
Camera Print: Indigo
Cactus: Crown Flora Studio
Books: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, Celebrate
Candle: Vancouver Candle Co. 
Diffuser: Saje Natural Wellness
Hand: HomeSense
Art Supplies: DeSerres

Toothbrush Holder: Simons
Soap Holder: Anthropologie

Location: The Toronto Apartment
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D