Two of the Most Frustrating Weeks for a New Entrepreneur

Traditionally, I share a reflective post for every birthday. This year was particularly special as it was the first birthday I shared with Smudge - because, no word of a lie, we share the same birthday. I had so many ideas on how we would spend the day, from cake to wrapped kitty presents to party hats that he would hate, but it couldn't happen. 

Instead, I worked through two of the most frustrating weeks I could face as a new business owner.

The Friday before our birthday, Smudge had a health scare. At 2am. I almost rushed him to an emergency vet that night - which would have cost not just an arm and a leg but a torso and the other arm and leg too. 

The next morning, my laptop would not work. I spent the whole weekend trying to fix it myself with no results. So Monday, I took it to Apple. Long story short, I ended up spending about 5 hours to find out there was liquid damage to the keyboard and mouse, and trekking the thing across town in the hopes of a faster fix (10 days at Eaton Centre vs. 3 days at Yorkdale). 

Now we're at Tuesday. Four days without a computer, four days where I can't work. Then I get a call: Yorkdale won't fix my laptop. Looks like, in illness, my poor Smudge Bum peed on my keyboard. 

Just to clarify now, Smudge is okay. He didn't need a vet visit - and my wallet is grateful for it. His momma was worried all weekend, but he is 100% fine. 

So Tuesday night I rush out to Yorkdale to pick up my still dead computer before the mall closes. I also called five or six different independent repair shops to see who would take the laptop. Turns out, one. 

Wake up, birthday day. Sing and dance with the cat, which he begrudgingly put up with. Head to Service Ontario to (finally) get an Ontario drivers license. Then take the laptop to the one repair place. It takes them three business days to diagnose, mystery on how long it takes to actually repair. That will take me to a week and three days without the only tool I really need to run my business. 

I'm so lucky to have had two wonderful people offer me their spare laptops for use. However it still leaves me without my programs and files that are vital to supporting my clients and generating new leads. And at the end of three day diagnosis deadline, I learn it will take another five to fix and repair my computer. 

That will put me at a total of 13 days with significantly hindered abilities to work on my business and support my clients. Thirteen critical days at the end of the 2-month period. I'm ready for my luck to turn at any minute now! 

Things are not always sunshine and lollipops in the process of owning and growing your own business. The unexpected can happen and throw your entire plan through a loop. I didn't plan on going through 13 days where I feel stuck and unable to work. I didn't plan on having to financially cover the costs of a laptop repair. But you know how they say a crazy wedding leads to a strong marriage? I'm hoping the same can be said for your business. 

Oh, and Smudge and I did manage to fit in a cake celebration, just the two of us. His, a tuna cake with Temptations treats icing. Mine, a vegan slice of chocolate raspberry cake from Sweet Hart Kitchen

Cat birthday cake
human birthday cake