unreserved holiday

First holiday in my new home, and I have none of my holiday decor here with me. Overall, this holiday season is beyond weird and out of the ordinary, but I had to do something to make my space feel festive. So this weekend I grabbed a couple girlfriends, style inspiration courtesy of Style at Home, and a couple bottles of Unreserved Wine for a mini-wrapping-and-decorating session to mark the season! 

Because the decorating budget is tight, and I'm in such a small space, I decided to bring in festive elements that can be reused throughout the year without feeling weird. I'm loving the rise of metallics this season, so I picked up a string of copper ball firefly lights I had been eyeing for the past month at Anthropologie (just down the street from me, it's dangerous!). I was disappointingly too late to get a fresh wreath at the shop around the corner, but some spare greens came in handy to add colour to the corners of the apartment. Just a pop here and there did the trick! 

I also had fun picking out this year's holiday wrapping. I always have some sort of theme to my paper (throwback to last year's white and sparkly) and this year had to match the bright fun of all metallic. I instantly fell in love with the gold and purple feathers I spotted and wanted a secondary paper to compliment. Silver and blue worked great! 

Wine was a must for this decorating shindig, as it is for most holiday gatherings. I love Unreserved Wine's Smooth Red and Smooth White. They compliment so many foods - in this case, chocolate - and please so many palates. Around this time of the year, I am always sure to grab an extra bottle or two before I leave the store. I then wrap them up for quick grab-and-go last second gifts. This came in handy on decorating day when I was reminded I had a holiday dinner for that evening with only a couple hours notice! And a wine as good as Unreserved is always a good option. 

It's a lot more simple than I'm used to, but to be completely honest it doesn't feel like I lost any tradition at all. Besides, the real joy was in decorating with loved ones while drinking and laughing. It was one of those #UnreservedMoments for the memory books! 

unreserved moments
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unreserved moments holiday
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Unreserved Wine


Megan's Nude Tank: A pleasant Penningtons surprise find
Megan's Jacket: Addition Elle
Wine: Unreserved Wine
Coffee Table: IKEA
String Lights: Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters
Wrapping Paper: Shoppers Drug Mart
Location: The Toronto Apartment
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D