weekend brunch made easy with modo

As a solopreneur, carving out time to spend with friends is so important but often over looked. Except when your friend is ready to give birth to her first child, it's vital to make it happen! Both parenthood and building a business automatically make your schedules a little, let's say, crazy. So fitting in quality time before my friend Caroline's son was born was priority one for me. 

For weeks now I had been craving brunch. I'm rarely willing to leave my apartment that early on a weekend, but when I do make it out for brunch it is always worth it. So the other Sunday, Caroline and I visited Burdock & Co right on Main Street and enjoyed quick service and heavenly meals. Our waitress was so sweet and helpful in ensuring Caroline's dish was safe for pregnancy. I can't remember what it was I ate exactly, but I do remember how incredible it tasted still. 

We then went to explore the shops of Main Street just a few blocks up from our brunch spot. The great thing was that parking was no issue! Normally, you'd be hunting for a free spot, then having to pay gross amounts of parking fees for it. But because I took a Modo to get us there, Caroline and I enjoyed easy parking close to both Burdock & Co and our shopping spots thanks to the permit parking that covers the entire city of Vancouver! We weren't forced to find one spot, pay for it, then walk everywhere (which, when you're carrying a full-term baby, isn't the nicest thing to do in the summer heat). We were free to drive closer and park closer with each location, making the trip much more enjoyable for both of us (because let's be honest, walking around in the heat wouldn't have been too fun for me either!). I didn't expect it, but this has become one of my all-time favourite Modo benefits! 

Getting outside of my work brain and catching up with Caroline was the perfect way to reenergize for my week ahead. Giving myself permission to simply relax and enjoy my morning with my friend was exactly what my mental health needed. Working all weekend long (which is what I did with the rest of my time that weekend) would have done me no service, and choosing to spend my time with a friend made the break guilt-free! 

I'm so glad I made the time for Caroline when I did because two days later her son was born! I'm so happy for her and excited to see what this next chapter of her life brings. Plus, I am so thrilled to live vicariously through her and get myself some baby snuggles in before the kid grows up!

Anyway, check out the photos of brunch below (and the last photos of Caroline with her baby bump!) and let me know how you like to spend time with your friends, whenever you can!

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Dress: Mila + Paige
Necklace: Sarah Mulder Jewelry
Bracelents: Mala Collective
Location: Burdock & Co, Front & Co, Main Street
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst, Caroline Brunet
Camera: Canon 60D

Travel supported by Modo Car Coop. Thanks Modo!