west coast girls stick to the west side

From what little I knew of Toronto, I hoped I would be able to find an apartment in the Queen West neighbourhood. Not only did the west-side connection appeal to my West Coast personality, but the vibe seemed to scream 'Megan'.  So I lucked out when I found my perfect tiny apartment within sight of Queen West St. 

The first thing I fell in love with in my area were the homes. They are so different in style from what I became accustom to in New West. They all seem to feature at least one cool architectural detail that would be a dream to play with design wise. 

Then you have the shopping, but more importantly you have the shop's window displays. Walking down the street provides creative inspiration on the daily. The Anthropologie down the road is in this beautiful, giant brick building with the most incredible windows. The texture of it all just sets my heart on fire. 

I also find two major loves in one location at Crown Flora Studios / Greenhouse Juice Co. My home and body are filled with greens from them. The plant obsession is real. 

Finally, a taste of home arrived on Ossington the other day. Ride Cycle Club opened up a week ago, and I'm already planning on making Wednesday mornings my regular ride days. My glutes may hurt from yesterday, but man it felt good to be back in the saddle. 

Every day I seem to find some new gem just a few minutes away from my home. I love continually exploring the corners of this city and can't wait to keep discovering the things that make Toronto amazing. 

Toronto homes
Anthropology windows
Queen West shopping
cactus in the west
ride vs the world
spin in the east, from the west