Why I Knew It Was Time To Close My Business

The past seven months have all led to this.

I am closing my business.

Well, one of them at least.

Introducing The Sequoia Vlog

As my life changes, so does In A Sequoia. I love video and I’ve decided to shift my focus to sharing more multimedia content on my slice of the web. So rather than writing some long, detailed story about why Sequoia Content Studio has closed, I sit down with you and a glass of wine to talk it outloud. Check out Episode 01 of The Sequoia Vlog below to learn why my agency is closing its doors after one year and three months.

As an entrepreneur, you pour your heart and soul into your business - not to mention your time, money, and social life. So making the decision to close your business never comes easy.

Want a quick rundown of what I cover?

Here’s the key points on what I talk about above.

  • Why I felt such a disconnect in what should have been my dream business

  • How I tried to prevent it from happening

  • What was holding me back from stopping (hint: it should never be what holds anybody back)

  • What's next for my entrepreneurship journey