why i went to work yesterday

This year on International Women's Day, people around the world took the day off work as a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity. The goal was to highlight the economic power and significance that women have in the US and global economies, while calling attention to the economic injustices women and gender nonconforming people continue to face.  As many who know me would rightly assume, this is a cause I stand behind with pride. 

However, I went to work yesterday. 

Don't get me wrong, I am generally always for a good protest. One of my fondest memories is freezing overnight at Occupy Vancouver. I also stand in support of those who did take March 8th off work. Furthermore, I know I could have requested the day off, had I wished. 

But I wanted to be in the office, as per usual. As much as I see the value behind A Day Without Women, I know the value in where I work and the work I do. Over 40% of businesses financed through Futurpreneur are fully owned, or majority-owned, by women. That's higher than the national average. To celebrate International Women's Day, we hosted a Twitter Chat to ask questions, gain insights and celebrate female entrepreneurs across Canada. We brought together some truly inspiring women to share their insights, including the founder of Zvelle and media powerhouse Natalie Langston. I work hard to see female entrepreneur stories elevated, such as CertClean or Cure Apothecary

I love knowing the work I do has a tangible impact on the lives of women, and Canadians in general. I didn't want to give up one day of it. 

There is no clearly marked path towards social change. Sometimes the actions that make the most sense to some, don't work for others. What's important is that we support each other in our collective efforts towards creating better. I stand behind those who demonstrated their beliefs by taking the day off, just as I hope they supported my decision to keep fighting for female entrepreneurs by going to work. 

highlights from #FuturIWD