why you should create a manifesto

Where your vision and goals are your road map to the life you want to live, your manifesto is a reflection of your core. It is a declaration of what's important about who you are.

Manifestos are multipurpose. When you are having a rough day, they act as a reminder of all the good in you. When there's a tough life choice to make, they become a guiding document. They can become beautiful pieces of art for the home. They keep you in practice of living an intention-filled life.

Creating one is a time consuming, energy stealing process. But it's totally worth going through to create a manifesto that speaks to your inner light. The thing is, there is no secret to it. You sit down, focus on who you are and write. Look inward and connect with yourself. Body, mind and soul.

Sometimes you feel the need to express a lot, and that is okay. Sometimes you can keep it simple, and that works too. Stick to one page, give it some artistic flair, and make sure it feels right to you before you decide it's complete. Manifestos can change, but they should be a document that stands the test of some time. Every couple of years is okay, every couple of months means you need to create more time to get to know yourself better.

This was the first manifesto I began creating almost two years ago.

Because of so many life changes of late, I decided it was time for a new manifesto. With one glance alone, you can see how radically it has changed.

For more inspiration, here are a couple of pretty sweet manifestos created by some inspirational brands.

source: Darling Magazine

source: lululemon athletica

I wonder what inspired my first manifesto?

Now ask yourself: What words inspire you and speak to your inner truth? Don't be afraid to share in the comments below.