winterstations lake-side art installations

I had yet to go far east in Toronto since my arrival, so when my girl Jasmine suggested we head to The Beaches to check out WinterStations one sunny Saturday, there was no way I was saying no. In its fourth year, WinterStations is an international design competition that brings temporary public art installations to Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood to celebrate the city's winter waterfront landscape. 

This year's installations all spoke to the current political and economic landscape we're facing in Canada and around the world. From pieces inspired by the iconic pussy hat, to works that aim to foster collaboration and understanding amongst us, WinterStations is a must-experience in the city this winter. 

Pussy Hut at WinterStations Toronto
Inspiring women in Pussy Hut
Shouting to the sea (okay, lake) at WinterStations
Art from OCAD at WinterStations
Rising Up, WinterStations, Toronto
Rising Up WinterStations Toronto
Nest, WinterStations Toronto
Art on the beach
Obstacle WinterStations Toronto
Obstacle WinterStations Toronto
See the lake through the obstacle
The lifeguard station in Obstacles
Power to the Wind Station Toronto
Power to Art Toronto Lake
Power to the Wind Station Toronto Sky
Make Some Noise WinterStations Toronto