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28 & Boldly Afraid... Plus a Bonus Surprise

This past summer, I turned 28. And as I sat to my traditional dinner overlooking Trinity Bellwoods park, I thought about what I wanted to do with the year. A few specific ideas came to mind, between growing my business and building my empire, and there were a few new ones. A few scarier ones.

So I decided then to use my 28th year around the sun to do the things that scare me.

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Season's Light: Aurora Winter Festival Vancouver

While in Vancouver, I’ve been spending quality time with old friends - in the ‘have been in my life for a long time’ sense, not the age sense. And when Shawna and I get together, it’s a guaranteed ridiculous time. So we drove out to the Aurora Winter Festival to take in the beauty of the season and rekindle our child-like sense of wonder.

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I Lost a Piece of Myself Since Moving To Toronto

I’m sitting on a full flight, mid-air, traveling back to Vancouver for the first time since 2016. My back is aching, the man behind me is snoring, and a guy in front of me keeps rubbing something on his joints that burns my nose. Due to 14 passengers needing to connect to our flight, we had been stuck on the tarmac - fully boarded - for an hour before take off. Safe to say, I am eager to get home for more reasons than to see my family. 

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10 Really Simple Ways to Support Your Entrepreneur Friends

To all of those whose friends are bravely pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, on behalf of us all, please support the work they do. It doesn’t take a lot, and you don’t even have to spend money to do it. In fact, here are some really easy ways that take little effort on your end but mean so much to your friends.

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Three Female-led Books that have Nothing to do with Romance

I was wandering through a bookstore very frustrated one day. I entered with the goal of finding my next good story. Something that inspired me, motivated me, and spoke to me as a globally conscious, empire-building woman. I found myself surrounded by stories of women looking for love, sad over lost love, or struggling with love. 

Love of a man more often than not. 

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