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We love partnering with others to create high quality, authentic content and experiences for modern creatives. We've worked with Garnier Canada, Modo Co-op, Wear Your Label, and others. Learn more about working with us below. 

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Bento Box Sponsorship

Customizable sponsorship packages designed to optimize your brand exposure for your budget. Select the channels that best support your goals, and fill your bento box!


Custom Campaign

If you want to discuss a specific campaign or if you're not 100% certain what type of collaboration would work best for your brand, don't hesitate to reach out. We love working with brands of any size and any budget. 

Email Megan at to inquire about custom campaigns.


bring our community events to life


We cultivate experiences that empower creatives. 

In A Sequoia events foster community, champion creativity and collaboration, and honour our mental health. 


Sequoia trees that grow close to one another are taller, stronger, and grow faster because they intentionally intertwine their roots to support one another. 

Like the sequoia that inspires us, we want to grow in a supportive community. Our events are designed to support the creative entrepreneur both in business and in life. 

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In The Press

Mindful Moment

The Two Sides of Living With BiPolar Disorder

Announcing the first ever winner of the Living With Scholarship (then known as the Vibrant Lives Scholarship) and sharing the poem that wowed everyone.


Find YOur Goal'd

Megan chats with the New West Record about the 2015 event Find Your Goal'd.

5 blogs every woman in her 20s should follow

5 blogs every woman in her 20s should follow

Like the post says, as much as we would love to spend our days Googling cheap alternatives to Meghan Markle’s wardrobe, it’s also true that sometimes we need to get down to some serious #adulting business of our own (because not everyone can score themselves a prince and the administrative capacities of Buckingham Palace). So Stylight shared five blogs every woman in their twenty’s should follow, and In A Sequoia was honoured to make the list!

plus sized woman

I'm Society's Definition Of Plus-Size, But I Still Don't Agree With It

An op-ed on the frustrations of being plus-sized, but not the right type of plus-sized.

The Mindful Pop-up 2016

BC Living's Top Picks includes The Mindful Pop-up

BC Living features the first ever Mindful Pop-up.

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